General Testing FAQs

    1. Q. Brief about your self?
      A. While describing your self we have to start with name , place, education , job exp with roles, family.
      Ex: My Name is Nagesh.K. I live in hyderabad. I have done my MBA in Quality Management.I have 11+ years of experience in Manual Testing & Selenium also delivered various frameworks in automation. I have wife with 2 kids live in hyderabad.
    2. Why are looking for a job change
      A. I’m very thankful to my previous organization because I learnt a lot of things from there. According to me, changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge and personal growth and financial growth. Your organization is the good platform for me where I can learn more.
    3. Q. Why do you want to work in our company.
      A. It’s great privilege for me to work in a reputed company like yours. it’s one of the best fastest growing company in India. The work environment is very good. People feel proud to be part of the company. The company will provide full support to their employees in career growth. I have good opportunity to show my talent.When I read about your company and job description, I found that my skills are matching your requirements. I can show case my technical skills to improve the company growth as well as my career growth
    4. Q. What are the strengths in you
      A. For Strengths we can use as below,
      Adaptability, Hardworking, Honest, Flexibility, Optimistic(positive attitude), Persistence(Regular at work), Self motivated , Fast   Decision making, Never give-up any activity
    5. Q. What are the Weakness in you.
      A. When we are describing about the weakness, keep one thing in your mind that the weakness should not be a problem for your hiring.
      For Weakness we can use as below,
      Straight forward, Sensitive, More talkative, Trust people very quickly, I can’t say no to any one when they ask help, Speak lie is difficult to me, Bit lazy what I’m not interested.
    6. Q. Why should I hire you?
      A. We need to share our knowledge, Work experience and Skills related to the job.
      Ex for fresher: As a fresher I have theoretical knowledge but I can do hard work for my organization. I will put all my efforts for the growth of the organization. Being punctual and sincere I can finish the given work in time.
      Ex for experience: As I’m having experience, I will satisfy all the requirements for this job. I am sincere with my work and would never let my lead down in any way.
      I promise you will never regret for the decision to appoint me in your organization.
    7. Q. How much salary you are expecting.
      A. As a fresher salary is not first priority for me. This is a big platform to start my career and to improve my knowledge, skills and gain experience. So I expect a considerable salary to my ability as per the company norms which will fulfill my economical needs.

      As a experience candidate my current ctc is 4 lacks so I’m expecting salary as per company norms and as per my designation. Salary has never been a big issue for me.
    8. Q. Do you have any questions.
      A. First we have to thank the interviewer for his time in interview. Then we can ask about the Salary Structure, job timings, job location, transport etc
    9. Q. If I offer less package will you join
      A. Currently I’m getting the same amount, what you have offered. Give me as per the company standards. But salary is not a big priority for me now. I’m interested in the skills & technical development.
    10. Q. How many Test cases can be written in a day manually
      A.It always depends on the project and requirements. But on and average we can write 40 to 50 test cases per day. It means we are taking around 10 mins to prepare 1 test case, because to review and analyze the requirement and to update it in test case template
    11. Q. How many Testcases can be executed manually per day
      A.It depends on the project. But we have two approaches here.
      1. If you have written the test cases, so you will be knowing functional knowledge of the application. So we can execute 50 to 60 test cases per day
      2. If you have not written the test cases, for example client has given the test cases. In this situation we can execute 40 to 50 test cases per day
    12. Q. Can you explain about your project and the role you performed for the project
    13. Q. How many test cases you have prepared for your project
    14. Q. How many bugs you have identified for your project
    15. Q. What was your last identified critical bug
    16. Q. If developer is not accepting your bug, then what actions you will take to prove that is a valid bug.
    17. How many test cases can be automated per day
    18. How many test cases you have automated for your project
    19. Q.Where are you maintaining the automated test scripts.
    20. What bugs you have identified with automation for your project
    21. What was your last automated test case
    22. Q. How to identify the test cases for automation
    23. Q.How will you give the priority to automate ur test cases
    24. Q.Where are you maintaining the automated test scripts.
    25. Q. How to share or sent a file (size-50MB) in the organization
      A.If the file size is more, then we can’t send it through  a mail. We have two options
      1. Share the file, by right clicking on it and click on Properties, then select sharing option
      2. In the organizations we will be having “Common Repository”. Copy the file and paste it in the Common Repository, so any one can access it